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Come Take A Tour Of Trunk Club's Posh River North HQ

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[photos by Nicholas James for Curbed Chicago]

Curbed took a tour yesterday of the Trunk Club office and headquarters right here in Chicago. The high-end menswear outfitter began in 2009 in Oregon but made the leap to the midwest shortly after and moved into its current three floor, 45,000 square foot River North space in 2012. The company handles all operations out of the Chicago office, from phone consultations with clients, custom tailoring/fabrication, shipping and on-site fittings and meetings with personal stylists. The sun-drenched open loft space designed by Kara Mann houses over 300 employees and features a row of "fitting rooms" that are outfitted with vintage furniture, a roof top deck and a 40 foot bar where personal stylists and clients can have a drink while discussing the finer things in life.

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