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Jumbo Sized Logan Loft Now Has Restaurant Aspirations

This crazy huge Logan Square loft was previously listed in December 2012 for $1.3 million, took a dramatic $550,000 price cut last June and then was taken off the market in September. It's come back from the dead, and this time instead of trying to sell the 5,300 square foot space outright, the owner has changed their sales pitch and is now marketing the space as a rental property for a privy restaurant proprietor (say that three times fast). Located on Armitage Avenue, between California and Western, the owner of this jumbo sized loft is hoping to ride the bar and restaurant wave that is hitting Logan Square in a big way. The wide open 62' x 38' space has some unique amenities including huge industrial skylights, and a stairwell in an old smokestack that leads to a ginormous rooftop deck. No price was listed for the rental, but the listing can be viewed here.

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