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Children's Memorial Developer Picks Up New Powerful Ally

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Developer Daniel McCaffery and Alderman Michele Smith have picked up a new powerful ally for the proposed redevelopment plan of the former Children's Memorial Site in Lincoln Park: Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The hotly contested project has been in development limbo for the last two and a half years, and multiple revisions have been made to appease the surrounding residents' fear of congestion and overcrowding. Even with the latest changes, many residents continue to protest that the proposed buildings are still too tall, and just plain out of place for the greystone lined residential streets of east Lincoln Park.
This sets a new precedent for the potential future development of this project, as the Emanuel-appointed Chicago Plan Commission is likely to give the thumbs up on the deal when McCaffery presents his proposal next Thursday. The final plan that will be presented includes two 19 story towers, a five story fitness center, an assisted living facility and 100,000 square feet of ground level retail space.

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