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The Future Cubs Plaza Is Basically A Frat Bro Disney World

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rendering via Chicago Cubs

Get ready sports fans, the proposed Cubs Plaza could be the city's newest destination for outdoor music and live events. In an effort that is surely going to cause friction with surrounding neighbors, Wrigley Field reps say that they plan on hosting up to 25 events at the new plaza during the summer and turning the triangular plaza into an ice skating rink during the winter months (which was absent this past winter). When not hosting events, the plaza would be used as an outdoor patio. Events in the plaza would feature amplified sound according to DNAinfo, although some neighbors are saying that the Cubs should follow the same rules that other establishments in the area have to adhere to - which is no outdoor music at all. The plaza is one more piece of the Wrigley Field expansion/Wrigleyville redevelopment that the Ricketts have been pushing for since purchasing the team in late 2009. Complete with a new mascot, beer sales, and a new outdoor venue, Wrigleyville is poised to become a miniature Cubs fan version of Disney World.

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