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Two Different Lofts, Same Neighborhood, Same $259K Price

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In today's edition of Real Estate Death Match, we take a look at two different loft condos in Lakeview for the exact same price of $259,000. One is a completely raw, open layout loft in a historic building and the other is a brick walled, sun-filled pad in a former industrial facility. Take a long gander and let us know which place you would choose.

↑ Lakeview If you saw our Real Estate Death Match from last week, then this terracotta clad building may look familiar to you. The interior of this one bedroom condo at 1635 West Belmont Avenue is truly a blank canvas and ready for a personal touch. Amenities include a fireplace, a private balcony, a spot in a heated garage and incredible views of the city. At 850 square feet, it's not the biggest loft in the city but at $259K it's not the worst deal either.

↑ Lakeview This 1,076 square foot loft at 1733 West Irving Park Road has that true industrial feel to it, complete with exposed brick walls and an open layout. It sports 16 foot ceilings, a wood fireplace, a brand new sleek kitchen with quartz counters and a roof top deck. For $259K, you can't go wrong.

Poll results

· 1635 West BELMONT Avenue Unit 507, Chicago, IL [Estately]
· 1733 West Irving Park Road Unit 212, Chicago, IL [Estately]