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Reimagining A New Skyline With The Supertall Chicago Spire

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[rendering courtesy of Skyscraper Page user HomrQT]

People are talking about the Chicago Spire. The ambitious project long fraught with financial troubles has recently returned back in the minds of Chicagoans due to a rather large investment in the deal and is beginning to seem less of a long shot. Even with the recent sizable investment, developer Garrett Kelleher still has an uphill battle to fight and as the summer approaches, more details regarding the Spire's reorganization plan are expected to emerge. The supertall skyscraper's hasn't quite had a Cinderella story, as the project has gone through name, design and ownership changes since it was conceived in 2005. If completed, the 2,000 foot building would become the tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere. Here's a look at some of the reiterations of the Chicago Spire, from early design renderings to the final Santiago Calatrava designed selection.

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Chicago Spire

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