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Frank Thomas' Former Suburban Mansion Fetches $2.71M

When former White Sox slugger Frank Thomas built his colossal 25,000 square foot mansion back in the 1997, he spent over $8 million on the home. However, the foreclosed home has just recently sold for a mere $2.71 million. Thomas was able to remain unscathed as he dumped the home back in 2003 to a real estate investor who paid $7.95 million for the place, who then later on lost the home in a bank foreclosure. However, the pictures reveal that the mansion looks pretty much untouched since Thomas lived there in the late '90s and early aughts. And the huge manse is certainly a trophy home, as broker Bert Gor tells us, "Frank Thomas truly spared no expense when building this house. From the hair salon, to the 8 person hot tub in the master bedroom, down to the naked sun bathing area off the back of the house." We can't forget about the movie theater that bears the name "Hurtland Theaters", a reference to Thomas' moniker the "Big Hurt". The mansion only spent a few short weeks on the market before finding a buyer. The same can't be said about Michael Jordan's air lair in Highland Park

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