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Raw Trump Tower Penthouse Sells for a Record Breaking $17M

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After languishing on the market for years, the humongous 14,000 square foot raw penthouse space on the 89th floor of the Trump Tower in River North finally sold today for $17 million in cash, the Tribune has reported. The sale price is nearly half of the penthouse's $32 million ask, however at $17 million, the number has officially trumped (pun intended) the city's previous record, becoming Chicago's most expensive residential sale ever. Originally, Trump intended to make the penthouse his own personal Chicago residence, however the tower was completed just as the real estate market was crashing so the penthouse went up for grabs with a sticker price that was for a long time the city's priciest. Today, the space now belongs to Sanjay Shah, the founder and CEO of a tech company called Vistex. And perhaps not too surprising for a tech millionaire, the penthouse will become one of Shah's three four residences. Now that the city's priciest residence is officially off the market, the 20,000 square foot estate on Burling Street in Lincoln Park has become the priciest residential property for sale in Chicago at $18.75 million.

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