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Free 50-Foot "Z" Frank Neon Sign to Anyone Who Can Carry It

Consider it a truly unique gift for the city lover on your list, or a massive step up on any paltry lighting display you can string together. The massive "Z" Frank neon signs that's towered over the Rogers Park Chevrolet dealer for years is now up for grabs. The defunct dealership was recently sold to Bob Loquercio, owner of Chicago Northside Toyota in Edgewater, who's been looking for a new space since Red Line construction forced him to close his previous location. Since company rules say he can't display the sign at a Toyota dealership, the Frank family is allowing anybody who can move the iconic 50-foot sign to have at it before it gets junked.

The "Z" honors Zollie Frank, who opened the dealership in 1936. The sign has been a local landmark for decades, even getting attention from Landmarks Illinois, who noted the fragile status of such iconic pieces of urban art when they're not attached to famous buildings. Demo crews at the site said the sign is going to be the last thing to go, so start renting that heavy equipment now.

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