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Dilapidated Historic Oscar Mayer Mansion Lists for $1.75M

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It may not be the Wienermobile, but here's a chance to own the historic home that once belonged to Oscar G. Mayer Sr., the former chairman of the famous Oscar Mayer company. According to the listing, Mayer lived in the home from 1927 until his death in 1965, however it has sat vacant for many years. Located just steps away from Lake Michigan in suburban Evanston, the home certainly can use some TLC to get it back to its stately old charm. Interestingly enough, the home is being sold by court order, the listing hints. Unfortunately there are no interior shots, but it's pretty clear to see from the outside that the interior is likely in a very dilapidated state. Having sat vacant for so long, the old mansion has become the home to wild squatters — for instance this little fox who was caught burrowing under the front porch. The nearly 7,500 square foot six bedroom mansion hits the market this week for $1.75 million.

·1030 Forest Ave. Evanston, IL 60202 [Redfin]