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Cubs Seeking Wrigley Field Historic Designation for Tax Break

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rendering via the Chicago Cubs

Initially happy to sacrifice the sanctity of the right field bleacher in the name of advertising dollars, the Cubs organization has made a bit of an about-face in regards to plans for outfield signage. As Crain's reports, the team's top brass plan to go before the Commission on Chicago Landmarks on Thursday with a new plan that cuts one of the seven proposed signs from the final stadium layout. This is all part of a bid to win a spot on the National Register of Historic Places, which not only sounds impressive but would qualify the team for $75 million in tax breaks. With construction delays already announced for the $600 million project, trimming some options may not be a bad idea.

The final shape of the new outfield has been in flux throughout the renovation process. After initially proposing one sign in right field and a video board in left field, the team added five additional signs after negotiations with rooftop owners (who filed a lawsuit to stop the construction) failed. The updated plan would shrink a 2,400 square foot video screen in right and remove a sign in left-center. This sought-after tax credit — the same one that saved the Red Sox a chunk of change when they updated Fenway — would compliment the $8 million Cook County tax break the team is already receiving. The stadium renovation ain't gonna be cheap, but if the Cubs receive this new historic designation, they may be able to lower the final bill.

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