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Goettsch Designed Hotel & Office Tower Planned for West Loop

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Chicago's latest building boom won't be stopped, and developer Joseph Mizrachi wants to get in on the mad dash for office tenants and hotel guests with a new 41 story tower that would replace a surface parking lot at 590 W. Madison. The sleek, glassy tower is designed by Goettsch Partners, the same architects who designed the currently-under-construction 150 North Riverside just a few blocks away, and would compete in a growing crowd of downtown hotel and office towers. According to Crain's, the plan calls for a four-star hotel with 350 rooms and roughly 600,000 square feet of office space stacked on top. Crain's also suggests that if this plan does make its way through the planning and approval process, it could be built rather quickly — possibly well under two years. Following a new wave of towers that are splitting up its space for different purposes, this particular project would certainly be a great addition to the cluster of towers forming around the Chicago River Corridor.