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Curbed Cup 3rd Round: (9) Logan Square vs. (13) Uptown

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Welcome to the final week of Curbed Cup voting! Today's match is sure to be an intense one with Logan Square and Uptown facing off for a chance to take on either Lakeview or Bridgeport to win it all. The residents of both neighborhoods have been keeping their eyes on the prize since the first day of Curbed Cup voting, but now one must be eliminated. So far, Uptown has defeated the proud West Loop and Streeterville neighborhoods and is hoping to gain a third Curbed Cup victory. In a very heated race, Logan Square pulled off a controversial last minute win against Andersonville to go on and conquer the Loop. As always, voting will take place for 24 hours, at which point a winner will be announced. The winner of today's match will take on either Lakeview or Bridgeport for the glory that is the Curbed Cup.

Poll results

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