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If You Get Your Girl a Horse, Pony Up for This $6.4M Estate

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If you want to take wish fulfillment further for anyone pining for a pony this Christmas, this equestrian estate in Maple, Illinois, would be quite the last-minute gift. It goes without saying that despite the $6,350,000 price tag for this "world-class professional dressage and equestrian center," you would need to provide your own horses. But the 32-acre estate an hour-and-a-half west of the city includes a spacious, two-story, single-family home (with bar) along with plenty of rolling meadows for riding. The facilities, including a stable and indoor ring with seating behind a glass panel, look top-notch. Previously listed at $7.2M, the price to be landed gentry in Kane County hasn't been better all year.
·45W015 Welter Road, Maple Park, IL 60151 [Redfin]