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Chicago-Centric Podcasts For Your Inevitably Long Trip

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With forecasts calling for six inches of snow, and Serial finishing last week, there's plenty of space (and time) for some good podcasts in your life. Curbed collected some Chicago- and architecture-focused podcasts to help you survive the endless security lines, outlast a layover or deal with holiday highway gridlock.

·Weird and wonderful things you may not know about Chicago [Curious City]
WBEZ's crew of city researchers compiled a year's worth of trivia and observations about Chicago oddities, including a fascinating look at a cabbage battle that consumed the far north side.

·Interview with Harold Ramis [Fresh Air]
While this Terry Gross interview comes from 2005, it still captures some of the magic that made the late Ramis, one of the most prolific and influential comedians to come from Chicago, so endearing.

·The Middle of Everywhere [Freakonomics]
This brainy, counter-intuitive radio program looks at what Chicago has given the world. We're surprised one of the guests could stop at 10 things.

·Chess Records [Sound Opinions]
You don't get much more Chicago than Chess Records, the iconic blues label that claimed Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley among its stable of talent.

·The Straight Line is a Godless Line [99% Invisible]
Roman Mars' design podcast is an embarrasment of riches, and in a year where they covered cow tunnels under Manhattan, the design flaws of the Citicorp building and why the design of the Chicago flag rules, this look at eccentric thinker and architect Tausendsassa Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser (yep) was thought-provoking and entertaining.

We'd also point you to this Slate list of the 25 best podcast episodes ever. Happy listening.