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Albany Park Four Bedroom Offers Oddball Charm for $370K

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There's no doubt this four-bedroom home exudes character. That's clear from the fountain that greets you at the entrance. And while you may not agree with all the interior design choices showcased in the slideshow of the $369,900 property, such as the lion waiting to greet you by the fireplace, the pink steampunk-esque bedroom or clashing kitchen tiles, the amenities, including stained glass windows and hardwood flooring throughout, suggest plenty of possibilties. The bedroom with skylights and backyard gazebo with a hot tub offer creature comforts not always available at this price range. The ask has fluctuated throughout the year, starting at around $400,000 then peaking at $449,000 in May, so now that it's come down near the $354,000 median for the neighborhood, it may be lining up with market realities.
·4910 North Christina Avenue, Chicago, IL [Redfin]
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