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Baderbräu Brewery Renders Show Where You'll Be Saying Prost

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Baderbräu, the new reboot of a forefather of Chicago's craft brew renaissance, recently shared concept sketches of its forthcoming brewery on 2515 South Wabash Avenue on Twitter. While the renderings recall the graphic quality of the Mad Men opening credits, they're still adding to the excitement about the growing beer industry in the South Loop. As the fourth brewery to open or announce intentions to open up nearby, following in the footsteps of Vice District Brewery, Motor Row Brewing and South Loop Brewing, it appears Motor Row may become Malt Row.

Set to open next summer in a renovated plumbing supply plant and designed by Matt Kupritz of K2 Architects, the 25,000-square-foot brewery will include a 4,000-square-foot taproom and a water tower with a Baderbräu logo that will be lit up at night. This is a culmination of sorts for Rob Sama, a financial analyst and home brewer who began resurrecting the Baderbräu brand in 2010, originally started by Pavichevich Brewing and responsible for a cult-status Czech pilsner.

"The vision is a warm interior that draws inspiration from classic beer halls but isn't a Disney-fied version," says Sama. "I think, much like the situation in Ravenswood, a certain density of breweries in the neighborhood is good thing."

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