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Large 78th Floor Three Bedroom Aqua Tower Unit Seeks $3.9M

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Located on the 78th floor of Jeanne Gang's award winning Aqua, this large 3,300 square foot unit offers north, south and east views. And beyond the sweet views and star architect design, the place looks really quite snazzy as well and has access to "ALL AQUA AMENITIES AND LSE LIFESTYLE!!!" the broker babble states. While Studio Gang's new Wanda Vista is still at least a year out from breaking ground, this slick three bedroom, three bathroom unit at the Aqua tower can certainly hold its own against anything else in the city. It can be had for $3.9 million plus an additional $1,856 per month in assessments.

Note: the unit's wine cellar is located on the 57th floor, but the actual condo is located on Aqua's 78th floor.

·225 North Columbus Drive Unit 7805, Chicago, IL [Estately]


225 North Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL 60601 Visit Website