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Half Vintage Greystone, Half Contempo New Construction Wants $3.695M

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Here we have a home that was once a quaint old vintage greystone, not unlike the plethora of others that were built in Chicago around the turn of the century, however this one has been completely reworked to the point where the only thing vintage about it is its front exterior facade. Located on Addison Street, near the Southport Corridor, this large 6,200 square foot home sits on a large lot and is loaded with luxury amenities like a home theater, sauna and according to the listing, geothermal heating and cooling. From the front, the home almost looks like a classic Chicago greystone, but from the side it kind of looks like a Transformer that is in the process of transforming from a house into giant anthropomorphic robot. This five bedroom, five bathroom is looking to get $3.695 million, almost three times what the home sold for before its extreme makeover.

·1445 W Addison St Chicago, IL 60613 [Redfin]
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