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The Curbed Cup is Here! Name Chicago's Best Neighborhoods

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Every December since 2010, Curbed Chicago readers have duked it out online to win the glory that is the ultimate neighborhood award: the Curbed Cup. Some of the city's neighborhoods have changed dramatically in the last four years, so this year's cup will certainly be one for the ages. The last few years saw rallying from neighborhood organizations, chatter on social media, and even EveryBlock lurkers come out of the woodwork to promote their 'hood and spread the good word. However in this competition only one neighborhood can prevail as the greatest in Chicago, so it is time for you, our dear readers, to nominate the neighborhoods that are worthy of a Curbed Cup title. Similar to the last two years, this year's Curbed Cup bracket will feature 16 Chicago neighborhoods. To nominate the neighborhood(s) that you'd like to see in the Curbed Cup, leave a message in the comments section of this post or send a note to the tip line. However, we don't want to just see neighborhood names, we want to know why your neighborhood is worthy of being dubbed as the greatest in Chicago. Did you neighborhood get a brand new park, some swank bars and restaurants or perhaps a fancy new hotel? The Curbed Cup officially begins on December 15, so to ensure that your neighborhood makes it to the bracket, get your nominations over to us as soon as possible.

Here's the list of past winners:

2013: Chinatown
2012: Avondale
2011: Uptown
2010: Uptown

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