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Here They Are, Your First Round Curbed Cup Winners!

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After a week of stiff competitions, we now have our second round contenders for the prestigious Curbed Cup. The highlights of this week's Curbed Cup includes the dramatic battle between Andersonville and Logan Square and the eliminations of the South Loop and West Loop. Despite having received heaps of nominations and calls to arms in the very beginning of the Curbed Cup, both the West Loop and South Loop received a virtual spanking from their competition. Andersonville appeared set to proceed to the second round for most of its match against Logan Square, however, in the final hours Logan Square pulled off a stunning defeat earning hundreds of last minute votes, igniting a flurry of drama in the comments section. Underdog Morgan Park was handily defeated by the Loop and Lakeview took home the biggest victory getting 505 votes over Hyde Park's 167. And while Humboldt Park residents were asleep at the keyboard, Albany Park came out en masse to snag the victory. Carrying a huge weight of half the city on its shoulders, Bridgeport remains the sole South Side competitor in the Cup. Uptown, Bridgeport and Logan Square brought their A game in the first round and appear to be the toughest competition to beat at this point. Keep an eye out next week for second round voting and may the best neighborhood win!
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