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Tribune's New Video Series Lets City Tell Its Story

So Chicago, a new video series by Chicago Tribune photojournalist Chris Walker, exudes a light touch when looking at the day-to-day stories of different Chicagoans. Staying out of the frame and away from tacky narration, Walker follows a Studs-like commitment to letting the subjects tell the stories of their life and work, focusing instead on matching compelling visuals to the narrative.

The latest features a truck driver, or "professional fish re-locator," breaking down the business of stocking Chinatown restaurants with fresh seafood. The previous two episodes take a closer look at the urban landscape. "Documenting decay" looks over the shoulder of urban explorers such as Eric Holubow as they photograph vacant buildings in Gary and elsewhere, allowing them explain the artistry behind the practice, while "Chicago's historic bridges" captures views from inside the control towers and along the slowly raising platforms across the river. With shots that go beyond the standard perspectives one expects out of a Chicago documentary, the series is off to a promising start.

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