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Rehabbed Palmer Square Greystone Looking to Get $649K

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This five bedroom, four bathroom greystone on Kedzie Avenue overlooking Palmer Square has been completely rehabbed and its owner is looking to flip it for $649,000. The two flat still retains some of its vintage features like the old fireplaces with builtins on either side, but otherwise, nearly everything else appears to be new. A few years back before the place was rehabbed, it was up for grabs for just $375,000 however, it returned to the market in August at $699,000. It's taken a couple of price chops since then, and could potentially have another chop or two coming its way. Anyone looking to buy in the Logan Square area and become a live-in landlord might want to consider this home.

·2154 N Kedzie Ave Chicago, IL 60647 [Redfin]