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How Much to Give Your Building Staff During the Holidays

It's that time of the year to make your lists and check them twice, but don't forget to include your building staff in your holiday gift giving. Every year, Chicago's high-rise residents participate in a tip/gift giving to their building's staff and crew, but perhaps you might be unsure on exactly how much to give. There's no set rule, and every building is different, but there are certainly some suggested guidelines that can help out. We reached out to @properties broker Chris Mundy for the skinny on tipping building staff.

It varies from building to building — most management companies coordinate and organize on behalf of the staff, which includes doormen, building engineers, maintenance crews, parking attendants, and so forth. Some would advise giving a dollar for each day (so say $365) at a maximum, to a minimum of $100 per unit. However, somewhere between $250-$350 would be average. Some owners like to do it directly and give their gifts personally instead of going through the management company. Building staff are key to a building's residents, sense of community and a building's reputation, so consider that most don't get year-end bonuses. End of the year gifting is essential and key for them, so give and give generously.