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Finch's Beer Company Looks to Build New Brewery on the River

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Beer brewing has become a very big business in Chicago, and one more local brewer is looking to step up its game by building a new 80,000 square foot brewery along the North Branch of the Chicago River in Lincoln Park. Finch's Beer Company has recently announced its intentions to build a large new campus in two phases, which will include a brewing facility, tap room and shop. In addition to its beer making (and drinking) amenities and facilities, the new campus will include a 21,000 square foot loading dock, 200 parking spaces, and will also feature a boat dock for those traveling along the river on a booze cruise.

According to the new plan, Finch's hopes to have the project completed and opened by late 2016/early 2017. Finch's joins Half Acre Beer Company, Revolution Brewing and Lagunitas Brewing Company who have all made major moves and expansions in the last few years. We've reached out to Finch's to learn more about the project, specifically the architect and the specific location of the development, so be sure to check back.

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