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Aldermanic Candidate May Have Dug a Hole with Pothole Fix

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In a bid for hearts and minds, Gold Coast aldermanic candidate Bita Buenrostro took to the streets, literally. A photo of the 2nd Ward hopeful staging her own public works campaign and filling in a pothole has become fodder for a Reddit thread, which questioned if the work was illegal and if she'll be held responsible for future accidents on site, and even provoked a response from city hall. Mayoral spokesman Adam Collins questioned if the photo was really taken on a city street, according to DNAinfo.

Buenrostro's cry of "that pothole wasn't going to fill itself" calls to mind the work of city artist Jim Bachor, who has filled in our pockmarked streets with murals of flowers, Chicago flags and the number of an auto repair store. Her original post was an attempt to illustrate how discretionary funds can be allocated to improve local infrastructure. Considering the sprawling, irregular shape of her ward, perhaps she'll have to take the concrete and traffic cones on the road.

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