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Over 200 Apartments Added to Mega Mall Redevelopment Plan

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As Logan Square residents continue to duke it out over the dual tower proposal for Milwaukee Avenue, another massive development battle looms on the horizon. We're of course referring to the redevelopment of the 2.55 acre site that Logan Square's Mega Mall currently occupies. Stretching down Milwaukee Avenue from Sacramento Avenue to nearly Logan Boulevard, the property has been the focus of a major redevelopment plan that will very likely include a large amount of retail space and residential units.

Retail developer Terraco Inc. formally closed on the site in September, and at the time, hinted that residential units could be added to the mix. A previous plan called for 166,000 square feet of retail space and 426 total parking spaces, however the new plan chops the retail space down to 110,000 square feet, lowers the amount of parking down to 387 spots and includes over 200 rental units. The latest updates to the redevelopment proposal also raises the height of the project from about 2-3 stories to between 4-8 stories, with the various buildings staggering in height. Dubbed Logan's Crossing, the project looks, in a way, like a miniature version of the ginormous New City development coming to Lincoln Park.

We recently reached out to Alderman Scott Waguespack's office for more info regarding the development, and the alderman's Chief of Staff has indicated that the developer is still meeting with neighborhood organizations and business leaders to discuss the plan. A public meeting date has not been set just yet, but the alderman's office has hinted that there will likely be one after the New Year holiday.

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