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Check Out Jennifer Pritzker's Latest Bed & Breakfast Project

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Billionaire Jennifer Pritzker no doubt has an affinity for Chicago architecture, and has spent the last couple of years restoring some of the area's most historic homes and transforming them into bed and breakfast spots and vacation rentals. Along with co-owners Jim and Carrie King, Pritzker has recently wrapped up her latest project in Evanston — a new luxury bed and breakfast dubbed Stone Porch by the Lake. The Tudor style mansion was originally built in 1898 but Pritzker and the Kings have spent the last two years renovating the home. Although the home itself is quite old, it features some pretty cutting edge technology, and is operated on geothermal energy. Jennifer Pritzker could be taking a break from renovation and restoration projects to focus on building some new row homes near the Gold Coast, however it's exciting to see yet another historic Chicago home receive new life.

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