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Frank Thomas' Former Ultra-'90s Mansion Finds Buyer

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After spending a week on the market, Frank Thomas' colossal former suburban abode is now pending sale. The Big Hurt's old mansion is so '90s it hurts, and there are new photos to prove it. And despite the '90s cultural and fashion revival that is sweeping the nation right now, it's probably safe to say that the over-the-top, excessive suburban McMansions that were all the rage during during the decade have fallen out of favor. Thomas built the 25,000 square foot home in the mid-'90s at a cost of around $8 million. It first hit the market in 2000 for $11 million and Thomas ended up selling it in 2003 to a real estate developer for $7.95 million. However, in 2012, Bank of America filed a foreclosure suit on the developer and took possession of the home earlier this year. In its excessive nature, the home features a basketball court, home gym, beauty salon, bar area, and a home theater with a marquee that reads "Hurtland Theaters". The home was listed during the last week of October for $2.4999 million.

·3312 Midwest Rd Oak Brook, IL 60523 [Redfin]
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