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Next-Level Raised Bikeway for Roosevelt Road Taking Shape

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Major segments of the CDOT's new raised bike lanes on Roosevelt Road are approaching completion, according to Streetsblog Chicago, showing that the streetscaping project may open by December 1 and provide a new, more pedestrian-friendly gateway to the South Loop and Museum Campus. Raised to sidewalk level to protect cyclists from cars, this pathway, lined with trees and painted green to separate riders and pedestrians, is a pilot project that may support the expansion of protected bike lanes across Chicago.

Construction started in June and crews have spent the summer moving utility lines, widening the curb on the south side of the street between State Street and Michigan Avenue and repositioning the Divvy station at Roosevelt Road and Wabash Avenue. The next stage is tackling the north side of the street. The city hopes the completed series of two-way bike lanes and pedestrian paths between Indiana Avenue and State Street will increase bike and foot traffic to Grant Park.

Patrick Sisson
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