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Construction Has Started on River North's Beige Box Tower

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Work has begun on the new 11 story apartment and retail tower coming to 707 North Wells Street in River North. Once originally proposed to be a modular looking structure, developer Campus Acquisitions went back to the drawing board and came up with a beige precast building back in July 2013. Developer Akara Partners took over the deal and then in May released yet another design update of the tower with more apartments and more beige.

All in all, the new building will include 51 apartment units, 4,600 square feet of commercial space and 51 parking spaces. Despite all of the beige, there is some good news. The development will also incorporate an older greystone structure at the corner of Wells and Huron into the project. So there's that at least. Workers have just started on the tower, so we're still several months out from seeing how closely the final product will resemble the rendering.

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