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State Chips in $5M for Children's Theatre Move To West Loop

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Governor Pat Quinn announced that the state will provide $5 million in funding to help the 10 year old Chicago Children's Theatre move into the West Loop. The organization announced its interested the unused 12th District Police Station at 100 South Racine back in mid-August and subsequently had a public meeting to discuss the project with nearby residents. The newly announced state funding would cover a third of the estimated moving costs from its current location at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts in the Gold Coast.

According to Jan Kostner at the Chicago Children's Theatre, the group has received the OK from the city's Community Development Commission for the move and renovation, but just needs to finalize the purchase of the site, which is the subject of ongoing negotiations. The governor's grant comes via the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity as a move to "provide educational and artistic opportunities for all Illinois children." The proposed renovation would turn the police station into a 299-seat main-stage, 149-seat studio performance space with classrooms and administrative space, providing the nomadic company with a permanent home.

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