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Express Train: Check Out These CTA Time Lapse Videos

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Whether your daily commute takes you on the Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Purple or Pink, one thing all CTA riders can agree upon is they want a faster trip. Well, the CTA can't exactly rebuild the entire system or defy the laws of physics, but they can (and have) filmed an engaging series of hi-definition Ride the Rails time lapse videos that showcase trips across entire lines. Riding from O'Hare to the Loop in less than 10 minutes? It may seem like a CTA pipe dream, but with these time lapse videos, that vaunted Blue Line trip is possible. We've rounded up the entire video series this far, line by line.
Blue Line to O'Hare

Blue Line to Forest Park

Red Line to 95th/Dan Ryan

Red Line to Howard

Brown Line