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Luxury Home Built Inside a Former Substation Lists for $13.9M

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Here's a very interesting and gorgeous example of adaptive reuse. Located on Clark Street, this 15,000 square foot luxury home was built utilizing the facade of an old electrical substation. There's technically no right or wrong way to renovate an existing industrial space, but this six bedroom, six and a half bathroom home blends the old with the new in an impressive way. The home sports an outdoor space that features a slim grassy lawn and a pool. Inside, the finishes are clearly top-notch, and the home features a fitness space, huge wine storage room, a four car garage and a rooftop greenhouse. This one hits the market today with a $13.9 million ask, making it one of the city's most expensive homes.

·924 N Clark St. Chicago, IL 60610 [Redfin]