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As Temps Drop, Construction Continues Along Chicago River

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all photos by Harry Carmichael

Construction is booming yet again in the Windy City, and various projects along the Chicago River Corridor certainly account for a big chunk of the downtown activity. Three high rise towers are being built at the western end of the river, where the North Branch splits off: Wolf Point West, River Point and 150 North Riverside. The three towers are currently the tallest under construction in Chicago right now. However, something taller could possibly rise from the old Chicago Spire site, or over at Lakeshore East. Here's a quick look at the three River Corridor towers under construction at the moment.

Wolf Point West

River Point

150 North Riverside

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Wolf Point

350 W Mart Center Drive, Chicago, IL 60654

150 N. Riverside

150 N. Riverside Plaza, Chicago, IL 60606

444 W Lake St. Chicago IL