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Wrigley Field Rooftop Owners Owe $36M, Facing Foreclosure

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It's been a busy off-season at the Friendly Confines with the Wrigley Field rehab in full swing, however it appears that one iconic part of the stadium experience could be permanently cut from the roster. According to the Sun-Times, Fifth Third bank has filed for foreclosure on the Wrigley Field Rooftop Club and Sheffield Baseball Club rooftops at 3617 and 3619 N Sheffield Ave., saying they owe more than $36 million in principal, interests and other fees.

The rooftop owners and Cubs leadership have been at odds for months over the plan to renovate the stadium and add new video screens that could potentially restrict the view from the rooftop properties. According to one of the owners, a slow season and other factors have led to the current financial situation. As teardown and reconstruction continues, it looks like Wrigley and possibly the rooftops surrounding it will have a much different look next year.
Patrick Sisson
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