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Alderman, Residents Want CTA to Bring Back #11 Lincoln Bus

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Many residents of Lincoln Square and Lincoln Park still hold a grudge against the CTA after the #11 Lincoln Bus was cancelled in December 2012. Tapping into that sentiment, 47th Ward Alderman Ameya Pawar will bring the issue before the CTA during their public meeting Monday when the 2015 budget is discussed. The CTA initially cut service to reduce waiting times and eliminate redundancies in service, which caused an uproar among residents (who started a website), as well as many small businesses along the route.
Pawar has made bringing back the #11 a pet cause, at one point trying to arrange for a special board meeting to reconsider the cut. His office recently commissioned a survey this year that found 80 percent of commuters experienced longer transit times since the route was axed.

It remains to be seen of Ald. Pawar's upcoming appearance may create a replay of the December 2012 CTA meeting when hundreds of residents demanded the route be reinstated. Pawar's office is arranging buses and transport to those interested in attending the meeting at 6:00pm at 567 West Lake Street.
Patrick Sisson
·Results from Survey on Bringing Back the #11 Lincoln Bus [Ward 47]