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City Bans Big Signage Along River, But Trump's Sign Stays

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The Donald's billboard along the river has been grandfathered in after a zoning committee ruling yesterday that turns the area along the river into a special sign district, subject to restrictions regarding signage and advertising that sadly isn't retroactive. The Donald, who called the object in question "the Hollywood sign of Chicago," seemed pleased that his name retains a 2,891-square-foot post on the waterway.

While Mayor Emanuel initially called the sign "architecturally tasteless," this move to ban signs may be a little too late to block Trump's sign, however it will prevent future millionaires from plastering their names above prime public space. Alderman Brendan Reilly also sounded resigned, noting that he'd love to have sued to remove it, but the city likely would have lost, since Trump did obtain the proper approvals.

The new ruling sharply limits certain signage to 550 square feet, places a limit of one per building, and altogether bans more aggressive advertising such as flashing neon and "dynamic image displays." It brings the riverfront, an active area of development, inline with protected areas such as Michigan Avenue and State Street. If, say Trump had misplaced some paperwork, the city might only be looking at his name at 1/6th the size.
Patrick Sisson
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