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Watch as Chicago Transforms Into Metropolis & Gotham City

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Holy double-duty, Batman! Film crews for the upcoming clash between the D.C. Comics titans have been shooting across the Loop and Uptown for the past week, causing an outpouring of images across the various social media channels. Though downtown Chicago played the role of Gotham City in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, it appears that director Zack Snyder has instead set up parts of the Loop as the fictional city Metropolis and 111 E. Wacker as the HQ of Clark Kent's beloved newspaper, The Daily Planet.

Meanwhile, Uptown's Aragon Ballroom will play the backdrop of a scene where (spoiler alert) Bruce Wayne's parents are killed. Yikes. But who knows what will happen at the Gotham River "GTA" stop (which is a nice wink to the CTA's own design aesthetic). In contrast, last weeks' filming turned the Washington Blue Line into the "Capitol South" stop on the "Metro" train. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to debut on March 25, 2016. No word yet if Rahm will be starring as Two-Face or Mr. Freeze.
Jason Prechtel

Video: Superman flying in Chicago.

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Boy and presumably his parents leaving a Gotham City theater. Hmmm...

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Old school Gotham City cab parked in Uptown for "Batman v Superman" filming.

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Batman Vs Superman

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It's official....Chicago has turned into Metropolis.

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It's happening again.. #gotham is back again where it belongs. #batmanvssuperman #chicago @marcodominick

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Stopped by The Daily Planet on my way to school this morning!

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It's going up "Gotham River"

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