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Uh Oh, Are These Humboldt Park Homes Sinking?

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Humboldt Park housing prices may be on the rise, but at least one block in the neighborhood appears to literally be sinking. Yes, physically sinking into the ground. According to DNAInfo, several residents along Kedzie Ave. between Beach and LeMoyne have been hit with building problems ranging from detaching porches, cracking walls, and crumbling foundations for the past several years. Worst of all, they're getting no sympathy from insurers.

The likely culprit? Shifting soil around the foundations, but nobody knows the answer for sure. However, with cost estimates starting at $30,000 for an assessment and the risk of code violation fines from city inspectors, the owners of these sinking brick houses built in the early 1900's find themselves...well, stuck.
Jason Prechtel
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