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Hey, What's Up With That Thing on the Side of 300 S Wacker?

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Have a question about what's brewing in Chicago? Like to know a little more about a piece of your city? Shoot your inquiries to the Ask Curbed Chicago Inbox and we'll try to help out. From the inbox:

What's up at 300 S Wacker??

If you've walked by 300 S Wacker lately, you might have noticed that there's a huge map of the Chicago River placed on the side of the tower. The map actually stretches the full length of the tower's 36 stories and has a little red marker that indicates where the building stands along the river. The modernist tower has a long, flat uninterrupted slab of concrete going up its western side, and this map was placed over that wall.

According to Chicago Architecture Info, the building's design focused most of its mechanical function in the center of the building to make for the most efficient floor plan layouts, and this long concrete shaft houses most of those systems. Medium is investigating why the map went up, but our best guess is that it's just more pleasant to look at than a flat boring concrete wall. Perhaps the building's owners believe that less really isn't more.

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