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The Landmark Rees House Begins its Epic One Block Journey

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This grey chilly autumn morning, a team of construction workers and bystanders watched on as the landmark Harriet F. Rees House began its epic one block journey to its new permanent location. The 762 ton building is being relocated to make way for the new arena and data center that will be a part of the larger $600 million McCormick Place Entertainment District plan. Started at its current location at 2110 S. Prairie Ave., the home will be moved to 2017 S. Prairie Ave. by tomorrow afternoon.

The Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (McPier) is predicting that the move may be the heaviest house move in the country's history, as the home combined with the massive dolly system is expected to weigh about 1,045 tons. Swing by tomorrow to wish the old home well, and watch as it crawls to its new address.

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