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Harsh Trib Editorial: 'Lucas Museum Shouldn't Be On Lakefront'

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Last week's release of the new renderings for the future Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts left criticisms, complaints and numerous Star Wars references in its wake. Nearly everyone in the Chicago media took turns trading barbs, leaving no room for confusion that the controversial new design was more than a letdown. However, a Tribune editorial released Friday night telling Rahm to leave the lakefront alone didn't mince words or muse about aesthetics. Using the term "attempted land grab," the editorial strongly supported the sacrosanct principle of a protected lakefront ("We can debate lakefront protection in Chicago only because generations who came before us left us a lakefront to protect"). The editorial also argued that with other sites available, as well as numerous neighborhoods in need of a new museum project to serve as a catalyst for jobs and commerce, using such prime lakefront land seemed like an even bigger error by the mayor.

Some critics of the Lucas Museum proposal point to the former Michael Reese Hospital site in Bronzeville, which was recently the focus of a proposal for the Obama Presidential Library. With the new chorus of the harsh criticism directed at the museum's design, the mayor's next move will be crucial to try and lure back support for the massive project.

A Trib commenter expressed equally strong feelings with this image:

Patrick Sisson
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