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Local Artists Want to Bring Bright Colorful Lights to Wabash L

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Ok, so the stretch of Wabash Avenue between Madison and Adams where the elevated tracks hang overhead is a little bit on the dingy side, but a team of local designers want to change this with some fancy new colorful lights. Designers Jack C. Newell and Seth Unger want to install LED light tubes underneath the L tracks and transform the stretch from Madison and Adams into a new public art installation. Dubbed The Wabash Lights, the duo hopes that the new lights will draw more people to the area, in hopes of not only making the stretch safer to explore, but also to boost tourism and help businesses along Wabash make a few bucks. The installation will include over 4,000 programable LED lights, which be able to display an infinite number of color combos and patterns.

The creators of the initiative will formally debut the program to the public on October 29th, and according to a timeline on their website, the lights could go up as soon as next summer and be installed for five years. It's looking like the Chicago Riverwalk may have some company in the lighting department here shortly.

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