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Own This 3 Bed Unit in the Studio Gang Designed Aqua Tower

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Here's your chance to get into a 2,000 foot three bedroom, three bathroom unit in the Aqua tower. According to the listing, this is the first resale of a unit with this floor plan in the Studio Gang designed tower in Lakeshore East. The tower was completed just five years ago, so it's no surprise that there hasn't really been a lot of turnover just yet, so this unit is somewhat of a unicorn right now. The listing also mentions that the unit has received $200,000 in upgrades, and that parking is included in the ask. This pad can be had for $1.77 million plus $1,231/mo. in HOA dues.

·225 N Columbus Dr #6305 Chicago, IL 60601 [Redfin]
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225 North Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL 60601 Visit Website