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Uke Village Timber Loft from High Fidelity Lists for $1.195M

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High Fidelity protagonist and hopeless romantic Rob Gordon (John Cusack) may have finally figured out that his ex-girlfriend Charlie (Catherine Zeta-Jones) was awful during his quest for closure, but her 4,000 square foot Ukrainian Village timber loft was pretty great. The three bedroom, two bathroom loft makes a cameo in the classic movie, when Rob is invited over to one of Charlie's dinner parties after reconnecting with her long after their breakup. And the space doesn't appear to have changed too much since 1999, when the movie was filmed either, as the finishes in several of the listing photos match up with the scene in the movie. Beyond being spacious, the loft features a huge row of windows towards the ceiling on the top floor, allowing heaps of natural light in. The space is perfect for wine nights and dinner parties, obviously, but the home is seeking a non-awful resident.

·2250 West Ohio Street Unit 304, Chicago, IL [Estately]
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