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44,000 Square Foot Dine-In Movie Theater Coming to Block 37

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In addition to the 694 apartment units that are coming soon to Block 37, the downtown shopping center will also soon be receiving an 11-screen cinema as well. AMC has signed up to open the large 44,000 square foot cinema on the fourth floor of Block 37, which could help bring more people and their dollars to the upper levels of the underutilized shopping mall. And it won't be just any old theater - it's confirmed that the cinema will be one of AMC's Dine-In Theatres. Moviegoers can expect a full food and drink menu at the dine-ine theater, as well powered reclining chairs with buttons that summon wait staff. According to reports from the Tribune and Crain's, the new theater is expected to be open in early 2016.
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