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Wrigleyville Culver's Building Will Include New Homes

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News broke earlier this year that the midwestern fast food restaurant Culver's would be opening its first Chicago location in Wrigleyville. The Clark Street location, on the same block as John Barleycorn and just around the corner from Wrigley Field, has already been approved by the burger chain and is now undergoing the city's approval process. What wasn't reported then, and what we've only just learned from a well-informed source who shared the plans with us, is that the buildout for the restaurant will also include two floors of residential, totaling six two-floor residential units. The restaurant itself won't feature a drive-through, thankfully, but instead will have a "walk-through" window on the sidewalk where customers can quickly grab to-go orders of Culver's famous butter burgers and milkshakes.

As Wrigley Field goes under some heavy renovations, the surrounding area is beginning to see some new developments to take advantage of the growing popularity of the neighborhood. A new burger joint alone might not be enough to turn our heads, but a handful of new residential units right on the Clark Street strip could be an exciting prospect.

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