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Logan Square Gearing Up for Battle Over Dual Tower Proposal

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So far this year, Milwaukee Avenue has been the focus of many proposals from developers, however, some Logan Square residents are trying to keep what would become the neighborhood's largest residential development from getting off the ground. A meeting that will publicly unveil a plan to build a dual 11 and 15 story tower development on a vacant stretch of land on Milwaukee Avenue will be held this Thursday evening in Logan Square to discuss the proposal, and it's likely to be a standing room only event. The plan comes from developer Rob Buono, who worked with Alderman Moreno on the plan to build 1611 W Division - the first development built utilizing the city's transit-oriented development ordinance. However, similar to the flyering against a proposal to build apartments on California Avenue, Logan Square NIMBYs are gearing up for a fight against the dual towers around the corner.

The flyer reads:

A developer has proposed two high rises - 14 stories and 11 stories at 2293 N Milwaukee with 253 units. These buildings are out of character for Logan Square. They will make it impossible to drive on California or Milwaukee. The parking will be pushed out to nearby streets. They will turn us into Wrigleyville. So, there you have it folks. Logan Square will not be the next Wicker Park, but instead it will be the next Wrigleyville. Be sure to bring a bucket of popcorn and watch the drama as it unfolds on Thursday evening.

UPDATE: Andrew Schneider, president of Logan Square Preservation has sent us a statement regarding the proposal.

Logan Square Preservation is concerned about the precedent that is set by allowing an up-zoning of this size. There are many great buildings to the north along Milwaukee Avenue that have incubated many of the independent businesses that have focused the spotlight on our neighborhood. When these up-zonings are approved they put tremendous pressure on the one and two story mixed-use buildings with irreplaceable, full-lot-length commercial spaces. We want to prevent the loss of those buildings, that don't rise to the level of a landmark but give our neighborhood and its commercial core its unique feel. We oppose this project as it is proposed.

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