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Col. Jennifer Pritzker Planning Near North Side Row Homes

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Billionaire philanthropist, preservationist and now downtown real estate developer Jennifer Pritzker has announced a new plan to construct eight high-end row homes on a vacant lot at Clark and Chestnut streets, according to Crain's. Unlike a lot of the contemporary style new construction popping up throughout the greater downtown area, the planned row homes will be inspired the stately nineteenth century homes found in the Gold Coast neighborhood. So expect them to be quite pricey when they are completed. Pritzker, a noted preservationist, has recently restored multiple historic homes in the Chicago area, including Frank Lloyd Wright's Emil Bach House in Rogers Park. Kenwood residents had previously blocked Pritzker's plan to turn two adjacent Wright homes in the South Side neighborhood into bed and breakfasts. However, it appears that Pritzker may be shifting gears from restoring homes to building new homes.
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